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 John Chuckman



“Donald Trump’s legacy threatens to be return of race politics to the mainstream”

That is simply a cheap falsehood.

I do not accept it for a moment.

Any observant person will know to a certainty that Trump is no racist.

Any suggestion that he is one comes only from a uniformly biased, establishment press, acting more the role of propagandists than journalists.

Indeed, there is considerable reason in Hillary’s record, going back for years, to believe there are genuine overtones of racism there.

But nothing, absolutely nothing, negative about Hillary ever appears in this or any other establishment paper, and, as informed people well know, this woman genuinely has what British police call “form.”

I sincerely believe The Guardian is descending into the gutter again, too, as it very much did with Corbyn and its inexcusable witch hunt against him and his associates.

In another story at the top of the page, you have the following “man denies beating his wife” story: “Trump campaign CEO Stephen Bannon denies antisemitic remarks,” and you do not permit comment on this non-news smear.

And just why is The Guardian so immersed in the American election? The occasional story of real substance would be fitting, but that is not what we see.

Today’s page has two top-half stories plus a third suggestive item – “From Trump to Brexit rhetoric: how today’s politicians have got away with words” – near the bottom. Three in one morning, and that is not unusual. And not one of them is genuine news or analysis.

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