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John Chuckman



“Donald Trump’s views on nukes may be the scariest thing about his candidacy.”


I’m sorry, Stuart Jeffries, but this piece is simply not well-informed and is replete with glib, media-inspired generalizations.

First, that case has the ability to fire nothing.

There are all kinds of fail-safe and back-ups before any nuclear weapon can be fired.

Remember Nixon’s last days in the White House when he was stumbling around, mumbling and drinking heavily?

The entire military was already on alert, and no deliberate or accidental use of a nuclear code would have done anything.

Second, there is nothing unusual about Trump’s views on nuclear weapons.

Remember, this is a country that actually used them, twice, and on civilians, a use which was not required for Japan’s surrender.

It is also a country where in the early 1960s the Pentagon brass presented Jack Kennedy with a complete plan to obliterate the USSR in a surprise attack. It was more than a presentation. It was a plea for the President’s approval. He left the presentation literally sick at his stomach.

It is a country where Kissinger and Nixon seriously contemplated using nuclear weapons on the Ho Chi Min Trail in Vietnam.

Hillary Clinton is on record, not that long ago, with threatening to obliterate Iran, a country which has done nothing against the United States. It may just have been being used as a lure for campaign contributions from special interests, but that is sure one scary lure.

There are other instances, too.

And yours is a county where the new Prime Minister promised she would readily launch an attack to kill a hundred thousand people.

If you take the trouble to examine the total range of Donald Trump’s statements on war, you will find a sound and reasonable set of views, not the scare stuff hyped by a press which hates him.

And why does the establishment press hate Trump? Because he opposes the bloody Neocon Wars which have killed around two million in the 15 years and created floods of refugees, all in the god-like arrogant objective of creating a new Middle East.

You know the total death and destruction of those wars is the equivalent of having used several thermonuclear weapons.

And Hillary is the establishment’s chosen one to carry on with this magnificent “legacy.”

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