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John Chuckman



Guardian propaganda, big time.

Since Assad is the legitimate and elected leader of the country, it is rather the normal state of affairs for him to handle or deal with money from external organizations.

Why don’t you compare the way Israel has handled foreign assistance to the Palestinians over the years?


Notice to Guardian editors:

It is not a “regime,” it is an elected government.

And it is a reasonably popular one, despite all the turmoil inflicted on this beautiful land from outside.

Assad shows more tolerance for religious differences, for example, than most places in the Middle East.

That’s why Christians as well as other support him.


General comment on the nature of foreign aid.

It has always been true that what modern states call foreign aid is really much the same thing as the “pensions” that used to be granted by France or Spain to notable people in other countries, say, in the 16th century.

It is a form of leverage and influence-peddling.

America has this down to a fine art.

Every time it has a vote coming up in the UN or other international forum that it really cares about, it quietly advises the recipients of their benefits how they are expected to vote.

That is one of its methods for making sure it has compliant Secretary-Generals like Ban Ki-Moon for example, rather than another Dag Hammarskjöld.

Strong American influence is exerted behind every such election and vote, and the influence isn’t limited to intellectual argument.

Not only does it do this on a national scale with countries, the CIA also spots politicians and rising stars in Europe and other places, and it makes sure they are monetarily comfortable, all done covertly and regularly.

The total effect of all this activity is a kind of invisible web of influence which helps create the semblance of uniformity and agreement we think we see.


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