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John Chuckman



Here is why Dilma Rousseff has been removed.

The old boys of Brazil, the landed gentry and estate owners and industry barons, do not like her.

And their dislike has unquestionably been stoked, and perhaps financed, by the CIA’s shadowy thugs because America’s establishment very much does not like her either.

This impeachment represents an effort to undo a legitimate election under the guise of a crime which is more technical than real.

Ms. Rousseff is hated by the CIA and by Brazil’s oligarchs precisely because of her interests in the welfare of the people, as opposed to special interests, and because of her strong associations with the BRICS, which of course includes Putin.

Another serious enemy-making act of Ms. Rousseff’s government was Brazil’s not accepting settler leader Dani Dayan as Israel’s next ambassador.

Her government’s views on this were in accordance with international law and custom, but we know frequently these are not allowed to be applied to Israel, and we know America takes care of its Middle East colony in all matters.

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