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John Chuckman



As a Canadian, I very much regret what our government has done here.

It is stupid and counterproductive. But I also know that it had virtually no choice.

America, these days, is on a tear, and it intensely pressures and even threatens its allies to support it.

America has so many resources – economic, financial, and other – with which to quietly threaten that it would be impossible for most allied governments to resist.

Only a statesman the quality of a de Gaulle or, to a lesser extent, Justin Trudeau’s father, Pierre, could hope to resist.

Our charming, but inexperienced Prime Minister is not made of that stern stuff.

He is also selling billions of dollars of armaments to the terrorist government of Saudi Arabia, and I know this goes against his grain and that of his Foreign Minister, Dion, but they can hardly accept the American company which owns the facility manufacturing the arms being shut down, not in these hard economic times.

And so it is, too, for the members of a weakened EU.

Its generally insipid leaders feel they must accept what America demands.

The bottom line in all of this is that the American establishment cannot stand being embarrassed or bested by someone like Putin in foreign affairs, and that is exactly what has happened.



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