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John Chuckman


An absolutely riveting film.

Extremely well done.

In my mind, from the beginning, the fact that America produced neither spy satellite images nor radar tracks – both of which we know to a certainty they had for this region of conflict – said they were hiding something.

But what could there be to hide?

Just the fact that the incompetent coup-installed government of Ukraine had shot down an airliner. They had already amply demonstrated their incompetence in the hostilities against Donbass.

But likely it was more than mere incompetence.

The film suggests a provocation against Russia, and I think that entirely possible.

But another possible motive has been suggested elsewhere, and that is an attempt to assassinate President Putin in his presidential jet. He was flying about this time, and his plane’s general appearance is not dissimilar to that of MH-17.

The artillery attacks on the site – which would of course have killed witnesses and any survivors – are in keeping with either hypothesis.

What a terrible business this all is, the dishonesty and massive false propaganda only compounding the crime.

And there’s Holland, a country much of the world regarded as extremely scrupulous, acting as America’s front man in the phony investigation.

They clearly have made no honest effort here, because this kind of event could have cleared up in a month or two, as we’ve seen before. They never even collected large quantities of the evidence, as we know.

Truly, the establishment directing American policy today – the Neocons – are ruthless beyond telling, and Obama has functioned as their willing helper for going-on 8 years.

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