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John Chuckman



‘maniacal recklessness’ ?


What god granted the exclusive right to possess nuclear weapons to the United States, China, Russia, India, Pakistan, Britain, and France?

My guess is that were it not for North Korea’s nuclear program, it would long since have found itself in the position of Syria or Libya – countries literally torn apart by American-inspired terror.

And what of the world’s biggest hypocrisy in these matters, Israel?

We know reliably that Israel has roughly 150 nuclear weapons, or some combination of fewer finished ones and stockpiles of fissile material to quickly assemble new ones. We know this from a number of dependable sources, including former-President Carter. We’ve even seen, decades ago, a photo of one of its implosion-style fissile assemblies courtesy of an Israeli whistle-blower.

Israel made the argument early on, in the 1960s, to the American government that it believed it had to go nuclear to survive, and America and its allies have accepted that since.

How would that be less true for North Korea?

And of course when Pakistan started working intensely on nuclear capability, despite American-inspired sanctions, it argued the same thing vis-a-vis India. Moreover, it is thought Saudi Arabia financed the effort and has an agreement under which it can call on a certain number of bombs or warheads. But now all that remains unquestioned and in place.

And there’s the matter of proliferation. The father of Pakistan’s nuclear program, Abdul Khan, got into serious trouble when he was discovered making certain blueprints available to others, but South Africa briefly became a small nuclear power under its Nationalist government, and we know it did so with the help of Israel, again with the survival-of-the-nation argument playing a role.

(Where South Africa’s stocks of fissile material ended up has never been established since the collapse of the apartheid government, although there was speculation around Israel. It has been plausibly suggested that the untimely death of Dr. Kelly in Britain, disguised as a suicide, around the time of the invasion of Iraq, Dr. Kelly being an expert who knew the facts in nuclear weapons matters, was related to his knowledge.)

The trouble today with a nuclear club or monopoly, is that a newly aggressive United States, its establishment upset over its relative decline in world affairs, seems ready to do almost anything to enforce its will. North Korea and others well know that.

And, in the end, the fact that there is one other country capable of obliterating the United States, Russia, has led America’s establishment to a new hyper-aggressiveness in world affairs, a new Cold War, in hopes of de-stabilizing Russia. Were it not for Russia, and, to a lesser degree, China, we would all be marching smartly to the barked commands of the United States in almost our every activity. A multi-polar world is far less dangerous than a single dictator or bully.

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