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John Chuckman



Someone styling himself “sidinthecity’ has written a particularly obtuse comment featured here as Guardian Pick.

Gaddafi ran a decent government for decades. No African or Middle Eastern leader did as much for his people – everything from heath care to education free for all out of those oil riches.

Yes, he fell out of favor with Washington, but it was not about being a tyrant. Washington loves tyrants, but they must be tyrants who side with Washington, as in Saudi Arabia or Egypt.

Washington deliberately upset his government, pumping in weapons and financing gangs, and then, in the chaos which ensued, it bombed the crap out of Libya and had Gaddafi assassinated.

Its net product is a previously peaceful and prosperous country reduced to ruin and primitive tribal warfare.

Anything, literally anything, would have been better than that.

In his last days, perhaps many will not know, Gaddafi asked what they were doing trying to destroy his government. He said it was a wall against massive African migration into Europe.

And he was right, as he was on a many matters. No matter what anyone says of him, he was intelligent and thoughtful.

But in America’s New World Order, there is no room for independent-minded leaders.

So bloody Obama and bloody Hillary destroyed this perfectly stable and in many ways good government.

That gave Hillary the opportunity for her Benghazi heroism and for sending arms scattered all over Libya and for maniacs scattered there too to be inserted into Syria to destroy another stable and fairly decent government.

Now that is all something of which to be really proud, isn’t it?

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