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John Chuckman



I think it is a good thing that Edward Snowden has done, but I must say he is personally rather tiresome on this theme.

There is no incentive for an American President to grant Snowden a pardon. None.

I guess even American whistle-blowers come imbued with the sense of American exceptionalism.

At any rate, Snowden certainly does.

Given the list of grotesquely violent characters in the American military and security services, he probably should count himself lucky he is not dead.

The real hero of our time in matters of revealing government wrong-doing and the ugly face of war is, in my view, Chelsea Manning.

Her motives were some of the finest of which humans are capable, the very things which keep us human, and she is suffering horribly for her acts.

She deserves, unlike Obama, the Peace Prize.

As for Snowden, he is kind of a cold technocrat who acted out of libertarian principles, and now wants another cold technocrat to forgive him because he is tired of living abroad.


Response to another reader’s comment:

 I don’t agree about the designation “hero,” but true heroes, like prophets, are never honored in their own land.

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