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John Chuckman



“Russia accuses US of bombing Syrian troops and risking ceasefire”

As is quite usual for The Guardian when it comes to Syria or Russia, you are reporting these events incorrectly.

There is no “accusation.”

It is simply a fact that the US bombed Syrian troops. The Russians even have some pictures of the results.

It is direct aggression since the US has no government permission to even be in the country. Syria has asked the UN to act, but the UN is pretty much under America’s thumb.

The US has not been cooperating since the agreement went into effect, and this is along several lines.

It is still protecting some terror groups.

It has not communicated well with the Russians, sometimes declining even to answer the phone.

And it is refusing even to let the agreement be published as the Russians keep requesting.

Were the terms published, we would all be in a better position to determine just where they are failing to be met.

Why does the US refuse this simple, fair-minded request?

You’d have to ask the shady Mr Kerry or the even shadier Mr Obama.


Note: Later America did admit the bombing.

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