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John Chuckman



Sadiq Khan is arguing over a “straw man.”

Trump is not anti-Muslim.

He’s only reflecting public fears about large-scale Muslim migration.

These fears, which are real, are the children of the American government’s policies for the last fifteen years and the truck-fulls of Islamophobic columns and editorials and bent news reports in the establishment press over that same period.

The US unilaterally decided to rearrange a major portion of the world to its liking, in the process killing a couple of million people, destroying several societies, and creating millions of refugees.

No politician of note and no newspaper or broadcaster is on record having opposed this horror.

Indeed, the press has regularly supported the monstrous effort and reinforced anti-Muslim fears with endless stories of terror.

Yes, there has been some terror, but it is insignificant compared to the mass murder and destruction conducted by America and its allies.

What we call “international terror” and the new record floods of refugees are both the direct product of American policy, which has included the destruction of Iraq, the destruction of Libya, a five-year effort to destroy Syria, Saudi Arabia’s atrocities in Yemen, tolerance for Israel’s horrors in Gaza, and an organized system of extrajudicial killing.

The press has only supported policy every step of the way, and in the process has generated waves of Islamophobic feelings.

Trump is the only leader talking about the root cause, the Neocon Wars, and bringing them to an end.

What he is saying is that in the interim, his country needs to be cautious about the waves of Muslim migration. He is not saying, and never has, said that in future there should be no Muslim migration or that all Muslims are undesirable.

His call for a migration pause is only the response to public prejudice virtually created by the press and poor leaders for 15 years.

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