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John Chuckman



Well, there’s one small, sensible act by Obama.

American courts are notorious for idiotic decisions in tort cases.

There can be no legitimate basis for suing Saudi Arabia.

Yes, we know from the 28-page report just published that they paid bin Laden. Actually, we already knew this from Anthony Summers’ book on 9/11.

But that money was strictly for keeping him out of Saudi Arabia, not to pay for an attack on the US.

Saudi Arabia had no motive for 9/11. None.

They were on excellent terms with the American establishment, many of whom – like George Bush – benefited by their largess.

Besides, were there even a hint of Saudi responsibility, the US would have happily attacked the Saudis and taken control of their oil production.

It would have been a far greater prize than the backward wastes of Afghanistan.

The 28-page report was kept secret only because the government felt it would be misinterpreted by Americans, and now that it has been published, that is exactly what has happened.

The Congressmen releasing it have only done so to get a crowd of American professional survivors off their backs demanding “they do something.”

It’s all a big farce.

You must look elsewhere for those responsible for 9/11.

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