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John Chuckman



Yes, but the cuts will likely be technical in nature or in upgrades which are not very cost-effective. After all, the Pentagon is now spending at record levels in an economy which does not even possess the means to pay the bill on its own. Add to that the disappearing trillions discovered years ago in Pentagon accounts and still never explained, you certainly have some little pressure to pause just a bit.

Nevertheless, Obama recently committed to a long-term trillion-dollar (yes, that’s indeed a “t”) program to upgrade and update and further develop many American nuclear weapons.

For instance, the B-61 bomb is having its yield changed and its accuracy in delivery, a concern to many since the view amongst the Pentagon attack dog pack – the Gen Breedlove types – is that this will make the bomb more usable in places like Europe. The older version is just what you have stored at several locations in Europe, including in Turkey.

If we judge leaders by their acts and not their rhetoric, as we must to maintain any sanity for ourselves, Obama is absolutely not a man of peace, although he seems to like styling himself that way and using the language.

Readers should always be aware that one of the greatest speeches for peace ever made, as judged by such an astute observer as writer William Shirer, was made by Adolph Hitler on virtually the eve of WWII.

Obama’s acts include not only record savagery in the Mideast – killing as many as two million and generating world record numbers of refugees, to the point of nearly de-stabilizing Europe – but pushing, completely unnecessarily, into the very teeth of Russia and into a sea of China ten thousand miles from home. And what can you say of a man who runs an organized system of extrajudicial killing complete with “kill lists”?

And what further can you say of a man who is working through a deal for the sale of $115,000,000,000 in arms to Saudi Arabia, a country which is right now savagely killing civilians in Yemen, contributes to the horrors of Syria, and keeps its own people in repression?

And he has just produced a new ten-year deal for Israel to supply it with what is effectively a $40,000,000,000 line of credit for weapons purchases. He does this without a single demand on Israel over its illegal occupation and continued annexation of other people’s land and severe repression of Gaza. After all, the UN agency responsible for such affairs has just declared Israel has the worst human rights record on earth.

It truly is a nasty joke, a bitter sarcasm, to write as though Obama were concerned with nuclear weapons in any but a technical way, suggesting once again, quite tiresomely, that he is a man of peace. He shares none of the spirit of a Jeremy Corbyn. He is, in fact, a direct spiritual relative of blood-drenched Tony Blair.


Response to a comment that The Guardian has gone right wing:

That is so true.

As we’ve seen in so many areas, such as its horrible and shameless treatment of Corbyn.

The current editors, it is painfully obvious, fully embrace America’s New World Order stuff and the associated Neocon Wars. They are comfortable with killer-leaders like Obama and Hillary Clinton.

I don’t see how you can get any farther away from truly progressive or liberal.

It publishes a lot of fluffy items about minorities as a way to keep a finger or two dipped into the progressive stream, but the main driving engine of the paper – displayed strongly in editorials, columns, and selection of news stories – is the establishment.

I don’t perceive a hair’s width of difference with the Rupert Murdochs of this world, and that is a shame.

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