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John Chuckman



“George W Bush is one of my biggest political heroes…”

All I can say, Ben Harris, is that anyone who can make that statement does not have a single word worth reading or hearing.

It’s a bit like declaring yourself mentally unfit before getting up to speak

George Bush was likely the most feeble-minded and ethically-empty man ever to be president.

And he launched a totally unnecessary war in Iraq that killed perhaps a million people in total, destroying one of the Mideast’s most prosperous countries.

And his invasion of Afghanistan too was not necessary because the Taleban government had nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with 9/11.

Yet the US invaded, killed a lot of people, and achieved virtually nothing, leaving the place in a shambles.

What I suspect is actually Mr. Harris’s undeclared agenda here is Trump’s opposition to the Neocon Wars, a hateful 15-year crusade of murder and destruction.

In the US, the group that is most vociferous and even vicious against Trump is the Neocons and the Israel Lobby.

The reason is simple: Israel likes having everyone with any independence of mind around it flattened, and that is what these American wars have done. Also, Israel feels good that a muscular, hyper-aggressive U.S. remains that way in world affairs. It comforts them in their horrible occupied territory in which about 6 million suffer daily.

Most of the world’s people would like to see some peace and constructive engagement in America’s world affairs, and that is Trump’s greatest promise.

Hillary, a pathetic willing helper of the Neocons for years, offers only more war and violence.

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