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John Chuckman



“The Trump Foundation: what’s known is shocking. We need to know more”

Jill Abramson, this this is pitifully poor stuff.

Basically, you should do some homework before you start typing attacks.

The Clinton Foundation is the most suspect institution of its kind in America, and, while currently protected from investigation by Democrat appointments in the Federal government, it is not protected in the states.

The FBI is working on it right now in New York, and there are reports they believe they have some serious stuff.

We have some very serious observers saying that it is a giant slush fund, money-laundering scheme, and family employment gimmick.

We have all kinds of hints, and believe me, they are indeed shocking.

The pay-out in actual charity as a percentage of the budget for the last year we have data was on the order of five percent. All the rest was administration and expenses for high living officials like Chelsea.

Hillary’s tax return told us she personally gave charitable donations of about $1,040,000 which sounds a tiny bit respectable for the world’s highest-income (rated in a survey) woman politician.

Then we read that a million dollars of that went to the Clinton Foundation.

This immensely wealthy woman gave a trifle to real charity and claimed another million dollar deduction for essentially giving it to herself.

Bill pocketed more than fifteen million in fees as an official of the Foundation’s “university.”

The Foundation’s involvement in charity for Haiti following its catastrophe sounds pretty close to big-time fraud.

Of course, we don’t even have good, clear, complete data on operations. They keep it as vague as possible.

That Foundation is going to bring both crooked Clintons down eventually.

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