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John Chuckman



Oh, I don’t think so.

But, of course, there you are, Jonathan Freedland, doing just what Tony’s advisers undoubtedly suggested might happen with his gesture, already offering him publicity and planting positive suggestions.

And that’s all it is, a gesture.

This man has made more money than he knows what to do with, and of course a great deal of his fortune involves direct and indirect rewards and emoluments for helping destroy Iraq, helping kill half a million in the process, create floods of refugees, and leave one of the Mideast’s most advanced society pretty much in ruins for years.

The country as a unified has pretty well ceased to exist, and at least another half million died in after-shocks. But Tony sat comfortably in his limo doing nothing of any account but answering phone calls for awards, endowments, and sinecures.

America always takes good care of the creatures who faithfully serve its purposes, and Tony fully realized that with the literal shower of gold he experienced.

Actually, I’m inclined less to believe he is putting away business than the shower of gold has trickled its last for him, and he has a tale to tell in hopes of gaining some bizarre merit of some sort.

In any case, he can be assured that the Jonathan Freedlands of this world stand ready to get out the good word for him.

Then again, maybe he just plans to spend more time with Rupert’s ex?


 Response to a comment about Blair’s sinecure at the Quartet:

 Oh, he did such a bang up job.

I recall once when he cancelled going to some meeting out of fear.

He is a true coward, after all.

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