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John Chuckman



Jeremy Corbyn is not unpopular – but he is divisive’

A truly absurd claim.

The real situation is that a gang of Tony Blair’s acolytes has not liked Jeremy Corbyn from the first moment of his leadership.

And they have worked ceaselessly and quite unethically to harm his leadership.

This has included the most hateful tactics I can recall in a major party in a major country in modern times.

You really do have to go back to the days of Senator Joe McCarthy in the United States to find something as detestable as the long campaign over non-existent anti-Semitism.

Simply filthy stuff, ugly name-calling and innuendo, dealing with no issues.

We even had stuff as brainless as David Cameron’s arrested-adolescent jokes about Corbyn’s wardrobe.

Everyone involved in that should be ashamed, and that very much includes the editors of The Guardian as well as David Cameron, Tony Blair, and Owen Smith.


Let me add a thought or two.

When you admit someone is popular but…, you are attacking the very foundations of democracy, full stop.

When you speak of a popular person being divisive, you are literally saying that you and some associates know better than the people.

I do believe that is the attitude of aristocracy.

That is what this whole ugly matter is about: the establishment is uncomfortable with Corbyn and believes it has the right to attack him relentlessly.

In all of its attacks, there is Tony Blair-style dishonesty in telling people what it is they are really concerned with.

In this sense, Tony Blair’s ugly involvement in a genuine large-scale war crime, the invasion and destruction of Iraq, something he never stopped lying about either before or after the carnage, has produced a lasting, poisonous legacy in British politics.



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