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John Chuckman



Well, at some point, it seems that the Saudis will have to withdraw their assets from America.

Grabbing assets in America is the only way a looney American court can make a decision hold against a sovereign foreign party.

This whole matter behind the new law allowing lawsuits against Saudi Arabia is the darkest of jokes. Anyone with a fully functioning brain knows the Saudis had no motive for 9/11, none.

This just gives America’s class of professional victim families something to strike out at, getting them off the hypocritical congressmen’s backs. The congressmen are undoubtedly very tired of hearing from them.

It gives the families, too, a chance to play at no risk for a big jackpot at the lottery which is America’s notorious civil courts with a long record of absurd findings on many matters of personal or corporate responsibility.

It also, yet once more, stirs up the mud for years to come so that the real perpetrators of 9/11 are free.

The official dishonesty here is simply overwhelming. But that is Washington’s modus operandi in all things anymore.

The levels of honesty and ethics here very much resemble those of the state Department regarding Syria.

It just seems everything that ever comes out of Washington anymore is a lie. And that’s why a lot of Americans are tired enough of it all to vote for Trump.



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