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Indeed, and they are wise to do so.

America has just entered a period of unprecedented hostility and aggression towards Russia.

All of the unnecessary piling on of NATO forces in Eastern Europe despite not an indication of bad intent by Russia.

The “mouthpiece” for the State Department, John Kirby, recently irresponsibly talking of more Russians in body bags and possible jihadist attacks in Russia.

Samantha Power’s remarkably vicious attacks at the United Nations.

Vague threats about new kinds of weapons being given to the “jihadists,” weapons that threaten Russian forces who are legally in Syria.

Ash Carter at the Pentagon making insanely hostile statements.

And war monger Hillary Clinton even introducing a major anti-Russian theme to pump up her flaccid campaign.

And the decisive step taken by the world’s only vicious Peace Prize winner of halting all discussion and cooperation over Syria – a genuine Cold War threat.

America is just splutteringly furious over the success of Russia and the Syrian Army against their paid mercenaries and fanatics in Syria.

Their entire purpose in starting all this – the deaths of a third of a million people, the creation of floods of refugees running for their lives, the destruction of a beautiful land – was to topple the legitimate government of Syria while making it appear they were not doing it.

This entirely evil work’s success is threatened, so they are starting to become very angry and hostile.

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