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John Chuckman



Response to a comment saying they are not blind but want chaos and destruction: “They want chaos and destruction – all over the world”

Yes, that is a serious truth, not widely appreciated.

The use of this method of attacking those you don’t like is an old one, but it’s been freshened up by the contemporary American War Party, the Neocons and their associates.

The method historically was used, for example, in the Iran-Iraq War, encouraged and supplied by the United States in hopes of running down two governments it did not approve of.

Now there are many variations in the method and many targets.

The costs of direct American action in all of the areas in which it believes it has the right to interfere would be immense.

The costs are not just monetary. They include widespread disapproval in the world as was the case for Iraq’s illegitimate invasion. They include possible inadvertent conflicts with other states. And it includes the risks of war crimes, as was very much the case in Iraq.

The induced-chaos method also allows the US to maintain a stance of (somewhat) plausible denial, as all of these interferences in the affairs of other states are technically illegal.

This is a “nice” way to sidestep legality.

It is a much cheaper approach to induce chaos.

Iraq’s invasion was immensely costly.

So in Libya and Syria and other places, America used the method of induced chaos.

It of course also did this in Ukraine.

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