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John Chuckman



Response to a reader asking when will people learn to dump Google in favor of a more user and privacy friendly search engine:


Every major hi-tech company is in the CIA’s pockets.

Every one – Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, etc.

The security services always make them “an offer they can’t refuse.”

And look at how some of them have prospered.

Google, a decade or so back, was a little outfit with some new ideas and a very promising motto about doing no harm.

Today, it is a monstrosity with maps and cars and phones and a hundred other interests, and the motto has disappeared. This is what working closely with the Mob will get you.

All the things that Google is involved with are the very things a security service would want to control – all forms of gathering and controlling information about countless people and places. It is a kind of security agency fifth columnist made to appear to be serving the public.

Facebook so clearly serves the same interests, and the truth is it that offers no product even worthwhile as Google’s are. Facebook is just a giant information-vacuum machine with bells and whistles designed to appeal to the thoughtless whims of teenagers.

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