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John Chuckman



You are playing games, Rupert Cornwell. No one, thinking about what they are saying, can compare Trump’s behavior to Bill Clinton’s.

Some lewd and tasteless remarks made years ago compared to Clinton’s lifetime record of genuinely predatory behavior and Hillary’s long-term accommodation of it?

Clinton is not just a dog that has been difficult to keep on the porch. That analogy deliberately makes light of his ghastly history and of Bill and Hillary’s ghastly relationship.

The man is a complete predator and always has been.

Remember that Bill Clinton was having oral sex with a White House intern right in the Oval Office?

How about the Secret Service agent who said Bill, during his morning jog, would see an attractive woman waiting for the tours of the White House and would ask one of the agents to speak to her.

How about the well-known story of an unfortunate Arkansas man whose security camera caught images of then Gov. Clinton regularly coming and going from a neighbor’s house, Miss Gennifer Flowers? He was beaten up by state troopers after word of what he saw got out.

And I’m sure we can all recall good old Hillary standing up for Bill on television in 1992, lying through her teeth that there was no affair with Gennifer (a 12-year one, in fact).

How about the fact that Bill is documented as having made 28 trips to convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s private island where he keeps a stable of underage girls for the use of such visitors?

This is the same Mr. Epstein who was important in creating the Clinton Foundation, a corrupt organization which still plays a major role in the political life of Hillary.

How about the several women who say Bill Clinton raped them? A number say Hillary threatened them to keep quiet, and, as we all know, Hillary likes to blubber to women’s groups that a woman accuser should always be believed.

Through all this great long record, Hillary has been the chief enabler, actually going far beyond enabler, a word which might elicit a little sympathy for her, she in fact has been something far stranger and more unpleasant, a kind of direct supporter and protector.

It has long given her power over her husband, much in the same fashion reputed Mafia photos of the late J. Edgar Hoover, long-term Director the FBI, in homosexual acts gave the Mob power over Hoover.

There can be little doubt the Mafia had such photos because Hoover and his partner, Associate FBI Director, Clyde Tolson, used to vacation for free at Mob resorts and race tracks.

Hoover never seriously went after the Mafia, one of the great threats to society of his day, instead contenting himself with looking under the bed for “Commies.”

And when Bill was President, Hillary used her power many times to get some pretty awful things done, such as breaking the stand-off at Waco with an FBI tank assault which killed about 80 people, including a number of children. She reportedly wanted the stand-off out of the headlines.

The suicide of Vince Foster is thought to have related to his reaction to that horror as well as to her brutal treatment of him during a White House staff meeting.

She also pushed her husband on the bombing of Belgrade, a disgraceful war crime.

I’m glad Trump has said he would never even think of withdrawing. What he did was unpleasant, but no one in full command of their faculties could call it serious, not in the same way the bizarre dual-behavior of Bill and Hillary is serious. We need Trump’s kind of toughness in the White house to deal with the Pentagon and CIA, the ruthless powers who have treated Obama as a weakling they can ignore.

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