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John Chuckman



“Let’s stand up for a vision of an open, tolerant and outward-looking country”

I do not understand what that means, Will Hutton.

Of course I recognize the words as a kind of contemporary boilerplate expressions used by many Guardian columnists in the paper’s ongoing efforts to appear a bastion of liberal or progressive views.

But in all the paper’s “red meat” columns and editorials and in its selection of stories and in its selection of what readers are allowed to comment on, The Guardian stands pretty solidly behind the establishment, and I don’t believe anyone sensible could claim Britain’s establishment has the tone you advocate.

If you want a society that truly is good, then those with power and influence must themselves practice accordingly. Do you really think it is alright for a Prime Minister to insult his opponent in public and about trivial matters, never apologizing and never paying a price in the press treatment of him?

Is it ‘open, tolerant and outward-looking’ to conduct a relentless campaign against a decent man like Jeremy Corbyn, including months of baseless charges of anti-Semitism?

Is it ‘open, tolerant and outward-looking’ to advocate and promote the political influence or return to politics of a man like tony Blair who likely never uttered a truth more than twice in his entire life and who assisted in the killing of perhaps a million souls?

Is it ‘open, tolerant and outward-looking’ to never question what is going on in half a dozen blood-drenched places in this world, as in Syria, Libya, Yemen, or Iraq? To report only and exactly what might well be contained in Pentagon’s dishonest press releases?

Seems to me you are preaching yet another form of secular religion and doing it in a highly unlikely forum.

A nation is pretty much the sum of the acts of its people, and the more privileged and powerful those people, then the greater their responsibility.

You cannot put a moral burden on the small people of a place which its great have ignored.



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