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John Chuckman



It’s an American inspired war, every last dirty bit of it.

We even know to a certainty that Hillary, in her mess at Benghazi, was approving weapons being sent for transshipment into Syria.

We also know from the latest Wiki-leaks release that Hillary was completely aware that the Saudis were sending money and weapons into Syria for terror groups. And, please note, while she was at it, she took at least $10 million from them for her Clinton Foundation.

The transshipment of weapons included, according to Sy Hersh, one of our last remaining genuine investigative reporters and trustworthy journalists, small supplies of Sarin gas from the dead Gaddafi’s stocks.

As some readers will know, this deadly stuff was later actually used by some of America’s hired thugs on civilians, killing dozens, in an operation designed to give America an excuse (“crossing a red line” as Obama liked to put it) for an all-out air assault on Syria.

It failed thanks to informed and intelligent Russian intervention on Syrian chemical weapons.

The recent destruction of a UN convoy – blamed endlessly on Russia with no evidence – was the work of America’s al Qaeda associate, al Nusra, who are the ones entrenched in Eastern Aleppo being bombed by Russia.

That act was designed to make the Russians look bad and to cover for America’s direct war crime of bombing Syrian soldiers a couple of days before, killing eighty of them.

The US is furious, to frothing at the mouth, that the Syrian Army with Russian assistance are finally going to get rid of these mass murders, so that is what all the wall of propaganda is about these days.

People who go on about Assad never bother to inform themselves about him. He’s a pretty enlightened leader for this part of the world. He tolerates all religions and has the support of Syrian Christians. Indeed, every poll shows a majority of Syrians like him. And the Syrian Army has stood by him for five years of this horror.

But the United States wants him gone for its own selfish reasons, so that justifies all this? Simply criminal, on a par with Tony Blair



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