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John Chuckman



“You just have to be a decent human being to say that’s not right.” Obama

Simply beyond belief that the President of the United States has the time and the will to travel around speaking this way to the public.

I object to lewd speech, but, in God’s name, on a world scale of things, this is absolute trivia.

And when you add the fact that this is a recording of a private conversation made by some schmuck over a decade ago, this spectacle is reduced to a bizarre parody of ethics.

Meanwhile, Obama kills in a half dozen states, sends streams of weapons to murderous governments, creates millions of refugees, and keeps a “kill list” for extrajudicial executions on his Oval Office desk.

What Obama and Clinton started in Syria is one long set of atrocities, ghastly crimes against humanity, and no one even speaks up.

And Syria is just a repeat on a larger scale of what they did together in Libya.

If you want more true horror, tens of thousands of women torn apart, not just insulted, vote for Clinton.

And, of course, the final searing irony here is that while Trump uses unpleasant words, Hillary’s husband is a certified, lifelong sexual predator with a whole line of women testifying to the fact, and she actually promised to have him back in action in her administration on the economic file.

I do believe The Guardian editors have joined with the other establishment press in a kind of lynch mob hysteria here, and all thinking people know this is not over old lewd words.

It is a desperate try to have the blood-drenched Clinton elected and the Neocon Wars continued.

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