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John Chuckman



“There has to be, I think, some sort of way in which we can sort through information that passes some basic truthiness tests and those that we have to discard, because they just don’t have any basis in anything that’s actually happening in the world,” – OBAMA

None of these words of Obama’s sound good.

His words are deliberately soft and politically-correct, but they are truly saying things no president should say.

The mainline press is now a shadow of its former self owing to corporate consolidation and concentration plus the rising costs of genuinely seeking stories abroad.

The fact that America’s government today is so immersed in trying to re-order the lives of so many others on the planet, rather than working for its own people, also plays a large and increasing role, for the press must go along to keep the official explanations “out there.”

Any paper or broadcaster who even tried to say, for example, what Syria is really about would put its contacts in government – contacts for leaks and information and for influencing policies regarding their industry – at total risk. They would be cut-off and have their taxes audited and be investigated for disloyalty and being under the influence of foreign powers just for a start.

It just cannot happen, and, besides, the corporate entities of news are no different to any other corporate entities from Microsoft to Coca-Cola. They have no interest in opposing the establishment. They are part of it.

As for the Internet and the tremendous growth of alternative news sources, I fully expect an assault of some kind to be mounted by Washington.

Banning or limiting sources like Sputnik or RT? Possibly creating the equivalent of The Great Wall of China against all independent journalists and commentators? A very active program of discrediting people in the alternative media? Making the saying of certain things illegal, censorship under the guise of hate-crime legislation? Search engines like Google – completely in the CIA’s pocket – ignoring some search requests or re-directing them? Going after ISPs who carry such media under spurious new laws? This whole precious structure of alternative media is highly vulnerable to determined opponents with good resources, I am sorry to say.

There are lots of possibilities, and we can be certain people with big resources are at work in gaining what they want, a virtual monopoly over the dissemination of information and the ability to put out disinformation with virtually no opposition.

Because the fundamental truth is the American government long ago stopped being a government for its own people. It is a government for special interests and aggression all over the planet, one that requires an endless stream of lies and misrepresentations to carry on.

That is at its heart of what this very strange presidential election is about. Trump is no angel, but angels are not very helpful in fighting the kinds of forces directing America today. And right now virtually all cautions have been thrown to the wind to discredit him.

Hillary awaits – arms out, bug-eyed clown smile turned on – her deliverance so that she may, in turn, deliver to the interests who put her where she is what they want. And just one of her duties will be to repress alternative media and sources of information, something very helpful too when you pursue the hellish policies of war she will pursue.

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