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John Chuckman



“…but some former officials say the disgraced ex-president would be ‘absolutely disgusted’ by Donald Trump.”

Publishing that kind of vague generalization is simply not journalism.

It’s the stuff of gossip columns.

If Trump is so terrible as The Guardians editors are convinced he is, then give readers some hard facts so they may make up their minds.

But the very fact that you print, day after day, innuendos, unwarranted generalizations, and just smears tells thoughtful readers you don’t have any factual basis for your dislike, just one of attitudes.

So how are you any different from what you keep accusing Trump of?

You are not.

By the way, in a related matter of attitude over facts, we have yet another shameful article today trying to associate the decent Jeremy Corbyn with anti-Semitism.

An accusation of “Labour creating a safe space for vie anti-Semitic attitudes.” I put it to you that nothing is more vile than just such accusations themselves and giving them substance by repeating them.

Comments there are, of course, not permitted.

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