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John Chuckman



The American hypocrisy and brutality in all of this are breathtaking.

The Russians are called criminals for legally assisting the Syrian government in fighting the monsters, mainly al-Nusra, the US and its willing helpers have supported in Aleppo, Syria. Even today, new American TOW missiles are showing up there.

But it’s okay for America to attack ISIS in the large city of Mosul?

I have no clear idea why the US has allowed ISIS to occupy Mosul for so long. After all, a determined effort would have eliminated them long ago.

But whatever the dark reason was, now they are finally assisting in driving them out.

But are they actually preparing another front, under the guise of fleeing America in Iraq, for a new assault against the government of Syria, given its recent successes against other groups of American-backed terrorists?

There are already reports of something like 9,000 ISIS fighters being given safe passage out of this region of Iraq to go to Syria.

If the history of ISIS is ever written – an authentic history, not a CIA-written one – it will be interesting, making a fascinating read.

When ISIS first left Syria and started its campaign in Iraq, it was a mob of guys with AK-47s and Japanese pick-up trucks. Six modern heavy tanks could have eliminated them, and Iraq had some modern tanks.

The ISIS forces made a lot of publicity for themselves with various beheadings and atrocities. This served the purpose of intimidating their future targets, the governments of Iraq and Syria, and also making prearranged running away of government troops seem a little plausible.

When the pick-up truck mob approached Iraqi forces, the soldiers fled, leaving their equipment behind. Undoubtedly the soldiers were bribed with wads of cash supplied by Saudi Arabia and Oman.

When ISIS had collected enough equipment to represent a bit of a serious force, they headed for Iraq’s government. Interestingly, this was a man the Americans and Israelis hated, and he fled for his life.

After securing good portions of Iraq with no real opposition, many of the ISIS forces returned to Syria, now equipped with serious weapons to pursue America’s (and Israel’s) main target, Assad.

However, all the terror tactics had the unfortunate side-effect of horrifying the people in some of the very countries who were secret sponsors, as Britain and France along with the US.

So those countries, to keep up pretenses, had to announce campaigns against ISIS, campaigns which more fraudulent than real. Much American and allied bombing in Syria actually assisted ISIS, its primary mission of toppling Assad unfulfilled, by destroying government infrastructure.

Now finally, America has got around to really help get rid of them in Iraq, or at least seems to be doing so, for they may well just intend to drive them into Syria where America and its allies still want to eliminate the legitimate government of the country, having, in rather god-like fashion, declared it unfit to rule.

By the way, recent WikiLeaks material confirms what we have always believed: Hillary and Obama long ago were aware of huge amounts of assistance being sent to ISIS terrorists by Saudi Arabia and Oman. Of course they knew, it was all part of a brutal and hypocritical plan to destroy the beautiful, peaceful land of Syria simply because they didn’t like its leader.



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