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John Chuckman



I’m sorry, but there are seriously questionable assumptions here.

“… the unquestioned racism of Donald Trump…”

While it commonly enough thrown around in the anti-Trump establishment press, it is, in fact, simply an insupportable statement.

Trump has demonstrated no racism, and I think it quite unfair to assert that he has.

The assertion very much resembles the long series of Guardian accusations directed towards Jeremy Corbyn concerning anti-Semitism. They were themselves the ugliest form of McCarthyism.

Such accusations, made glibly and with no evidence, surely are themselves a form of racism.

“If the country’s first black president could not disrupt the racial status quo, what can we expect Clinton to accomplish?”

Again, sorry, but the nation’s first black president, sad to say, has been an extraordinarily ineffective one. You cannot name one thing he did or even tried to do for his own people.

Obamacare, his only big domestic legislation is failing badly. Bill Clinton himself has been quoted saying so in speeches. Word is, Hillary regards it as a failure too.

All Obama has proved is that if an attractive black person – and he was attractive in 2008 – runs, he can be elected. That ain’t much of an achievement.

In international affairs, he has been a disaster, falling under complete control of the Pentagon-CIA establishment and simply engaging in wholesale killing. And that includes the deaths of a lot of black people too.

Hillary is as far from a friend of black people as you can get. We have her on video back during her husband’s term of office talking about “black super-predators.” You may find that easily on the Internet.

She of course championed the destruction of Libya to Obama and is recorded on video laughing about Gaddafi’s murder. Gaddafi was one of black Africa best friends and allies as well as being a good leader for his people.

We also have the testimonial, again recorded, of a chef, a man from Buffalo, who prepared a big meal for the Clintons and friends, and says he heard Mrs. Clinton shout the n-word at a black man who upset her.

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