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John Chuckman



“Elizabeth Warren is the US president we need, but can’t have – this time”

If you, in fact, knew more about Elizabeth Warren, Owen Jones, you couldn’t write that.

She is just another Bernie Sanders, speaking liberal-sounding phrases but retreating to dark political opportunism with some regularity.

Years ago, for example, Ms Warren gave a very convincing interview on a specific issue of interest to her, and the key information in the whole thing was how while Hillary seemed to listen to her advocacy and speak against the legislation with which she was concerned, the same legislation made its way into law not that long after with Clinton support.

And today she supports Clinton, likely the most corrupt and dishonest candidate ever to run, characterizations continuously confirmed by Internet leaks.

And what of the 15 years of imperial Neocon Wars, killing countless thousands of women and their families in the Middle East, wars embraced and advocated for – and even, in part, run by – Clinton?

Absolute, pure, unadulterated opportunism, having nothing to do with the kind of loftiness of which you write.


Response to another reader’s comment about Guardian always overlooking Jill Stein and a genuine reform party in America, the Greens:

Well said, indeed.

The likely reason: Jill Stein is against the Neocon Wars.

People favoring that long series of horrors – “giving painful birth to a new Middle East” to quote Condoleezza Rice – are running The Guardian.

You can see it in everything from the attacks on Corbyn and Trump and against Brexit to the unexamined generalities repeated about Syria or Libya or Russia.

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