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John Chuckman



The choice is so simple that it is painful to realize how many Americans do not understand it.

But the entire establishment press of the United States (and Britain) has pounded unrelentingly against Trump. I don’t recall anything quite like it in my lifetime.

And you have to ask yourself why that is. I guarantee that it is not because of some rude speech and oddly-styled hair.

A potty mouth is one thing, but dropping bombs on women and children in Libya, Syria, and Yemen is another.

Trump has shown some careless speech about women. Clinton literally has assisted in tearing apart thousands of women and their families.

And that’s why America’s establishment press is so overwhelmingly in her corner. They embrace wholeheartedly the Neocon Wars. After all, they’ve helped promote them for years. Papers like the New York Times or Washington Post and networks like CNN have been out beating the war drums from the start.

And maybe any too genteel or ineffectual type such as Obama simply lacks the capacity to get his way with the powerful men at the Pentagon and CIA.


It is stunning how rude and brainless the Pentagon is in these matters.

Of course, always supported by the rather insignificant man who sits in a big chair in the Oval Office, pretending to be President.


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