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John Chuckman



Hillary’s professional accomplishments?

Really, what would those be?

Marrying a young successful politician and enjoying years of genuine power, with no elected office, as wife of a Governor and a President, enjoying that power because she tolerated his endless predatory sexual behavior, something which gave her rather immense power over him?

By the way, Michelle, during Clinton’s campaign against her husband for the presidential nomination in 2008, is on record as saying a number of times words to the effect, if you can’t run your own family affairs, how are you qualified to run the affairs of the country?

She sings a different tune now that her husband has in the balance a rumored promised appointment to the Supreme Court should Clinton win.

Serving as junior Senator from New York for about 8 years, the only time she has ever been elected to anything, without a single notable accomplishment? She has to her credit precisely three pieces of genuinely insignificant legislation that she sponsored.

Serving as Secretary of State with her advocated horror of destroying Libya and overseeing weapons transferred to kill more people in Syria? Overseeing the disastrous mess at Benghazi?

The kind of human being Clinton is perhaps nowhere better summed up than her video-recorded remarks on Gaddafi’s murder, “We came, we saw, he died, ha, ha,ha!”

Real class act.

And what can we say of Michelle out selling a woman we know she never liked simply because her husband might get a juicy appointment? Pure Bernie Sanders.

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