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John Chuckman



Chelsea Manning, you bring up something I suspect a lot of people outside the United States do not know.

Prisoners there generally lose their right to vote.

This is no small matter because the United States has more people in prison than any other country.

It is a barbaric and anti-democratic practice, but then so is much of what is done by the United States.

Especially what they have done to you.


 Response to another reader’s comment:

Ralph Nader was one of the finest candidates in the history of the US.

You only perpetuate the ugly political duopoly with your attitude.

Yes, I’m well aware of what you are saying, but it is false.

First, Al Gore lost the election because of Al Gore.

He was a terrible candidate who did not fight for what is right. He let Bush win.

Moreover, he was extraordinarily ineffective against Bush in debate, yet Bush was the closest the country ever had to a moron in office.

Mostly, in fact, there is no real difference between America’s two parties, and it makes little difference who wins.

But this year is different.


A genuine outsider has hi-jacked a major old line party, and he has some views which are refreshing and a few that are almost revolutionary.

Hence, the establishment’s solid phalanx against him.

And Hillary? Well, this is case of everything unpleasant the American establishment has represented for decades.

All wrapped up in an image which would fit nicely into Madame Tussaud’s old Chamber of Horrors.


Response to a reader’s comment:

Idiot comment.

Many countries do not strip criminals of the right to vote.

Canada, for one.

Why should they?

It is a barbaric practice by the United States.

If something is a fundamental right, how can you just high-handedly remove it because someone’s done something judged wrong in court?

Democracy doesn’t stop because someone steals something.

Of course, I forget, the United States does a lot of such things.

The CIA Torture Gulag, of which Guantanamo was only a part, sure did honor fundamental human rights, didn’t it?

No lawyers allowed, at least for a long while.

Torture just fine.

Child soldiers as prisoners.

Kangaroo courts.


And all done on someone else’s stolen property.

Guantanamo is Cuba’s, grabbed from Cuba in the deliberately-created Spanish-American War, and they’ve asked for its return many times. They are simply ignored.

Oh, boy, when it comes to rights and law, the United States is so often found wanting.

Really makes you wonder where they get the immense arrogance to tell everyone else what they should be doing.

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