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John Chuckman



The latest thinking is that the leaks are out of Washington itself.

That explanation is held by some serious people.

Some of the establishment may simply have come to regard the Clintons as out of control and more dangerous by a good measure than the press likes to describe Trump as being.

Just think how careless and dangerous are Hillary’s claims about Russian influence in the election. She has not an ounce of proof. Her claim, made in public, that America’s seventeen security agencies agree is a complete lie. The FBI has only recently said it sees no evidence, and other agencies mostly have never addressed the matter.

Their corruption is so deep and extreme I like to refer to the Clintons as America’s Ceausescus.

We haven’t even scratched the surface of the Clinton Foundation, a gigantic, on-going casino operation generating wealth for all the Clintons, much of the wealth originally coming from sources who do not represent the best interests of the United States and its people.

Hillary Clinton, for example, wears $10,000 Armani suits regularly. Actually, I believe one outfit was put at $11,000.

Yet here is a woman who has only held a high-level job for only twelve years of her adult life, eight years as Senator and four as Secretary. These jobs pay well, but they do not make you wealthy, and only truly wealthy people can afford to wear Armani regularly.

She has been a housewife most of her time, but a truly bizarre housewife, one who has tolerated and even supported her husband’s well-known predatory sexual behavior. Why would she do that? Because it gave her serious power over her husband, first as Governor of Arkansas and then as President.

We have the testimony of a great many people about her ability to guide and influence policy because her husband was simply afraid of her. She is credited with some terrible decisions, including the FBI assault at Waco and the bombing of Belgrade. Here was a “housewife” who attended White House staff meetings and made he views keenly felt. The suicide of Vince Foster, an old family friend and Deputy White House Counsel, is said to have come after a savage, terrifying attack on work of his at just such a staff meeting.

The Clinton degradation is especially highlighted by their relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire convicted-pedophile, who lives on a private island where he keeps a stable of underage girls for the use of visitors and himself. Bill Clinton is recorded on Epstein’s private plane’s log as having visited 28 times.

And there is no way Hillary couldn’t be fully aware because Jeffrey Epstein played a major role in creating the Clinton Foundation as well as donating substantial amounts of money.

The pardon of Mark Rich, a major billionaire fraudster who was given a pardon as Clinton left the White House, is another example of extreme corruption. This man was to be tried in one of America’s biggest tax evasion trials, but he walked free thanks to large contributions to the Clinton Foundation. Contributions which continued later from members of Rich’s family.

Her Clinton daughter, Chelsea, too, lives an exceedingly high life style, yet she has never held an important or even responsible job. She has lived off her relationship with the Clinton Foundation, and in extreme luxury. Some charity that is.

The crossing of lines in foreign policy with personal wealth generation from abroad and from unsavory characters may just have been the “straw that broke the camel’s back” for some high in the establishment who decided to break ranks with the leaks. It truly is third-world government corruption stuff.

It is also possible that someone important sees what the bought-and-paid-for Clinton means for future American foreign policy, perhaps something dangerous and unwanted, given the network of people and countries to which she is beholden.

That quote from Julian Assange is profound and deadly accurate:

“Hillary Clinton is just one person. I actually feel quite sorry for Hillary Clinton as a person, because I see someone who is eaten alive by their ambitions, tormented literally to the point where they become sick – for example faint – as a result of going on, and going with their ambitions. But she represents a whole network of people, and a whole network of relationships with particular states.”

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