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John Chuckman



Everyone who cherishes peace hopes for Trump.

He has a great many faults, and this writer is not even a conservative, but Trump is a strong and independent-minded individual who may just be able to rein in the Pentagon and security services, now virtually out of control under the ineffectual hand of Obama. We have war in half a dozen places and more threatened, including Obama’s insane efforts at the very borders of Russia and in the South China Sea.

Trump has spoken words on international affairs we are not used to hearing from Washington, refreshingly open and intelligent words, words which have marked him as an enemy of the establishment, earning him an all-out assault from the very political figures and corporate news media who have given us our world of mass killing and threats of more war, and those words stand out from all the other publicity clutter around him.

As for Hillary, she is a gift from the gods to the professional killing class in Washington. She is time-tested and thoroughly bought-and-paid-for in the fields of killing and love of war.

It is too bad that the first woman candidate had to be such a hopelessly corrupt and vicious character – I would readily praise a good liberal woman candidate – but make no mistake, this woman is a proved sociopath and a fellow traveler of the most appalling of the blood-drenched Neocon crowd.

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