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John Chuckman




You bet it’s rigged.

Please, without any detailed knowledge of the e-mails, we can see serious problems here.

First, it is literally impossible to have read 650,000 e-mails in days. At best, they would have used a high-speed computer program to search the discs for certain key words, and I don’t think anyone should pretend that that is an acceptable substitute for reading the material, or at least a substantial random sample of it.

Second, we have two unauthorized computers owned by two unauthorized people are discovered to contain literally truckloads of material? And they held it off the site of its origin.

Those computers were being used as covert back-ups.

The FBI was never informed of their existence in the first investigation, which is withholding evidence.

If that isn’t intent, I don’t know what is.


Response to a reader comment about how nasty Trump looks in all his photos:

Well, take pride in your ignorance.

You appear to lack even the ability to understand that The Independent’s editors consistently select unfavorable images of Trump to run.

It’s a kind of implicit demonization.

And just the opposite for Hillary. She’s always smiling or dramatic, never furious or tired or glum, these latter being often-seen faces of Hillary.

Really, it is a very old cheap propaganda gimmick.

Yet, it sure still fools people such as yourself.

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