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John Chuckman



Marine Le Pen is an intelligent and fresh voice in French politics.

And the establishment in France has created much the same ugly circumstances that the establishment in the United States did, perhaps worse.

Francois Hollande has been the most ineffectual president in modern French history, much resembling Obama only without the superficial charm.

He obsequiously serves American and other special interests, and much of this effort by Hollande is not in France’s own genuine interests.

For example, France is a traditional good friend to Russia, and now, under Obama’s withering influence, French farmers are in a mess with billions in lost sales, and the country’s heavy industry has lost both an important customer and its reputation for reliability with the stupid Mistral ship affair.

France’s economy is doing poorly, and Hollande takes no decisive measures. Hs record on foreign policy is confused and blundering. And even on domestic security, he has performed abysmally.

Hollande’s approval rating is not much above zero.

The country can only benefit from Marine Le Pen if she is true to the best of what she has said.

I know, the Neo-con crowd hates her and likes to paint her with the same ugly name-calling they have Trump, but people need to think for themselves and look to genuine and legitimate interests, not slogans and propaganda.

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