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John Chuckman



‘I Think I Did a Pretty Good Job’ as President; People Wanted to ‘Shake Things Up’

 Obama is delusional.

The only shake-up for which he is responsible is the deaths of hundreds of thousands – men, women, and children – in the Middle East

He’s slaughtered on a wholesale scale in Libya, Syria, and Yemen.

Of course, there is his wonderful system of extra-judicial killing at work in at least half a dozen places, no different to past outfits like the old Argentinian junta, except in its technology.

The entire Middle East is in flames, and where there hasn’t been great death, there have been other disasters like a return to dictatorship in Egypt.

He achieved absolutely nothing for his own people.

He achieved absolutely nothing in reforming the national financial regulation after the 2008 disaster.

He has done nothing but print money since he took office.

Nothing at all was done for the millions of victims in Gaza or the West Bank.

His proclaimed “strategic pivot” to Asia – ill-considered in the first place, is a complete shamble.

China will be stronger than ever, which is in fact good, and it will cooperate with countries like the Philippines. TPP is dead, and that’s a good thing.

And the last great act of this pathetically ineffectual man was to vigorously support Hillary Clinton, the most corrupt candidate in American history.

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