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John Chuckman



Sorry, I just do not agree that globalization is a failure.

Actually, it rather silly to use that expression because true globalization is a natural phenomenon, not a conscious effort or policy which is susceptible of failure.

Global interventionism is indeed a failure, one of the fundamental failings of the establishment which has been rejected by American voters.

And some free trade agreements may well be flawed. After all, we do not have truly free trade, we have managed trade governed by agreements.

But basic globalization is an inevitable step in the evolution of our world, and this author and others have some confusion as to what it means.

Where once, just a few centuries ago, goods traveled mainly between nearby towns with poor wagons and poor roads, now they travel across the globe. What makes globalization a reality is modern transport, telecommunications, and computers. It is not going away, ever. That would be the equivalent of saying we must stop technological progress, and that cannot be done, except by war.

It must not be confused with free trade agreements. They are not the same thing at all.

Globalization has made the world a richer place.

China and other Asian lands are all enjoying new prosperity.

American stores are packed with affordable, attractive goods of every kind.

Free trade agreements attempt to govern trade between different societies with regard to taxes, tariffs, government regulations, and special barriers such as unusual inspection or health requirements. These things can be adjusted and renegotiated, and they do not constitute globalization, except in very inaccurate speech.

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