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John Chuckman



Putin’s appearance is just what you might expect from an intelligent, extremely capable man who has done his very best to reason with a man who has done nothing but create chaos and disorder for eight years.

Obama is one of the biggest disappointments of my adult lifetime. A man who seemed bright and hopeful and a little out of the mainstream has done nothing more than sit like a ventriloquist’s dummy on the knee of the most savage group in America and mouth platitudes while they murdered hundreds of thousands of people.

He leaves office having done almost nothing worthwhile at home or abroad, leaving a shambles of world affairs.

Yet he still enjoys some popularity, and I think it is because of his boyish smile (seen far less though than years ago), his baritone voice, and the general residual astonishment that a black man succeed in rising to the highest office. It is also because the general public in America is so abysmally poorly informed of what America actually does abroad, and why.

Imagine a black man who never did one worthwhile thing for his own people? A Peace Prize winner who has done nothing but generate war and death on a grand scale? A man who leaves office with his last big effort having been running around the country at the public’s expense trying to promote the most corrupt and vicious candidate for President in memory? An arrogant man who never stops preaching his narrow concepts to others with his finger pointed up right under their noses?

An utter failure. An international shame.

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