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John Chuckman



Harry is not just a scrounger, he is pretty much a useless non-event of a human being.

His record of behaviors and statements is appalling, and that’s based just on what we know, what hasn’t been kept secret.

He undoubtedly received the worst of the Spencer (Diana’s family) genes, a family which has had many troubled and troubling people in its history.

Harry is the best argument there is for getting rid of the Monarchy after Elizabeth hangs up her crown.

He is a publicly-supported non-entity with virtually no ethics or purpose.

Monarchy is an outdated and slightly ridiculous institution whose cost to the public just keeps rising. Sentimentality around it is mostly uninformed of its actual costs and lack of genuine purpose.

Believing the Monarch serves as a kind of check on the powers of Parliament in the 21st century is nothing more than belief in a rather silly fable.

No modern democratic government would tolerate a Royal veto of anything, and, as we saw in the case of Tony Blair’s determined, dishonest campaign to drag Britain into a vast war crime – about as darkly serious a thing as a government can ever do – the Monarch made not a whit of difference.

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