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John Chuckman



But a scam is exactly what it is.

Interesting, isn’t it, that the initiative did not come from the blind ambition of Hillary? Jill Stein’s tiny percentage of votes could not possibly change enough to matter.

The Green Party’s Jill Stein is being used as a stalking horse here.

Yes, that’s the same Jill Stein who during the campaign said that Trump’s thinking on foreign policy was preferable to Hillary’s aggressiveness.

Who is responsible behind the scenes?

George Soros, Hillary’s great intimate – as we saw in the Wiki-Leaks material, he regularly felt entitled to intimate access and to advise her on positions to take – and big financier and a billionaire dedicated to throwing his weight around in America and abroad.

His fake NGOs abroad, such as the phony White Helmets in Syria, have been directly associated with CIA activity in its efforts to re-make the face of the world.

His American NGOs, such as, are associated with the early efforts to disrupt, in the fashion of Nazi street thugs of the 1920s, Trump rallies with hired strong-arm tactics.

A study has been made of the pattern of the supposed thousands of individual contributions to this recount cause.

The donations, in fact, come in neat little dollops with regularity, following a nice curve, the pattern of a computer bot operation – not of thousands of individuals acting.

So, Mr. Soros is able to contribute several million dollars – nothing for him, he has given Hillary tens of millions in the past – for this destructive purpose without the public’s knowing it.

And Hillary of blind ambition gets a last, desperate try for what she has lusted after for decades, again without the public’s knowing anything.

I don’t know what is in it all for Jill Stein for taking the lead role in the play, but you can be certain something important has been promised.

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