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John Chuckman



A catastrophe is precisely what Ms Merkel’s policies have been.

She will not be treated kindly by history, both for having supported America’s savagery in the Middle East and for doing bizarre things to deal with the domestic effects of that very savagery.

She fancies herself a decent, enlightened, democratic person yet supports the likes of Erdogan and mass killer Obama.

She has also been a serious supplier of modern weapons to Israel which continues with its horrible occupation, oppression, and theft of other people’s property.

You cannot have it both ways, although clearly Ms Merkel thinks you can.

That utter confusion of thought and principles is why the American establishment has taken a beating from Trump. Obama and Hillary think much like Merkel.

I am always a believer in what you actually do in international relations, not in the words you use.

Obama has never stopped blubbering about democracy and rights while killing hundreds of thousands of people and running a major extra-legal operation to make people “disappear.”

He is a total failure as a man of principle and a leader, and Ms Merkel very much resembles him, even down to the empty words about principles she writes in her letter to Trump.

 “Germany and America are united by shared values: through democracy, freedom, respect for the right and dignity of every individual, irrespective of origin, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation or political attitude. On the basis of these values, I would like to offer you a close cooperation between the governments of our countries.”

 No clear-thinking person can accept those words from that leader as anything but an example hypocritical establishment “boilerplate” – the kind of phony stuff just rejected by the American people.

Trump will not do everything right, I know, but Merkel has done nothing right, just like her admired friend, Obama.

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