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John Chuckman



“He faces an awkward trip to the Middle East following controversial comments on Saudi Arabia”

Let’s be honest about what all this means.

Saudi Arabia is one of the most corrupt and anti-democratic places on earth.

Boris Johnson was only telling a few truths, not even the worst stuff one could say about this horrible place.

For that, he is pilloried by The Independent and others.


It is not just the fact that Britain’s establishment sells a lot of weapons to these nasty desert princes, although that is undoubtedly important.

Saudi Arabia functions today as part of a little axis in the Middle East. The key members of this axis are Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the United States.

There was a day the Saudis were quite hostile to Israel, but that day is long gone, and the two behave as fairly close secret allies. And the US is very happy with the arrangement.

That’s why all the stuff about ISIS and Al Nusrah is such nonsense. These are Saudi-sponsored outfits and have been from the start. And today’s Saudis do nothing to offend America’s Middle East colony, Israel. Nothing.

Otherwise the US would take some very ugly steps against the Saudis, but they don’t ever do so, do they?

Israel and the Saudi Princes have a lot in common. They both actually quite dislike democracy.

In Saudi Arabia, run by a family of princes, very corrupt ones too, it is obvious why democracy is a dirty word. And the Saudis fight it internally and externally, as in Syria or Yemen.

As for Israel, have you ever noticed how no democratic government bordering on Israel ever flourishes? In countries like Egypt, they inevitably disappear in the workings of dark-ops.

As for democratic movements inside Palestine, like Hamas, they are branded as terrorists and persecuted relentlessly.

And inside Israel, democracy has the same kind of bizarre meaning that it had in the old South Africa or in the American Confederacy, only certain folks can vote.

Well, Johnson’s honest words about Saudi Arabia – so rare in diplomacy – touch this nasty little American arrangement, even if only peripherally, and that is simply not allowed.

Theresa May has sadly already demonstrated her servility to American interests and her blindness to Saudi-Israeli brutality, so I suspect Johnson will not be holding his post very much longer.

But perhaps he has unfurled a flag for future political efforts?

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