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John Chuckman



Well, I do think it unfortunate waste of words to address Obama on this matter.

Quoting his speeches is a waste of breath, much like citing the Peace Prize on his resume.

His record on human rights and justice is just a complete disgrace, from killing people in half a dozen lands to tolerating Israel’s utterly criminal activity.

Obama is simply a coward, a complete and utter coward.


Response to a reader asking: Am I missing something here. If Obama made this speech to the United Nations, what happened?

Except in words, Obama hasn’t shown one whit of principle in eight years.

I began to think of him as a sociopath – the big smile, the baritone-voiced words combined with readiness to kill – but I’ve revised my view.

He’s a coward, a complete coward, whether he’s dealing with the killers at the CIA, the killers at the Pentagon, or the killers in Israel.

The cowardice is confirmed by many little matters, as his refusal to confront that fascist Netanyahu when he came and insulted Obama in front of Congress.

His cowardice in giving a substantial increase in Israel’s absurd cancerously big aid package without getting one concession in return.

Or there’s his cowardice about closing Guantanamo.

Or his cowardice in agreeing to build a huge extra-legal killing machinery, complete with “kill lists” on his desk to sign off on.

His cowardice in campaigning for that horror, Hillary Clinton, knowing full-well both she and her husband hold him in some contempt.

Speeches are just that, speeches. Americans, many of them, are trained through the dark arts of advertising and propaganda, to never look behind the false claims of nonsense like that.


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