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John Chuckman



The United States is complaining about alleged foreign interference in its elections? That’s rich.

 Yes, exactly.

America has, non-stop, actively interfered in elections since WWII.

I’m not speaking of the numerous coups engineered against even democratic parties America did not like, coups in places such as Guatemala, Iran, and Chile.

And I’m not speaking of the assassinations and attempted assassinations of a number of leaders, such as Castro or Gaddafi or Allende or, as it has long been rumored, the serious attempt on de Gaulle.

There was also close, secret cooperation with dictatorships and juntas to suppress democracy in many places – these include the former military junta in Argentina which used to “disappear” dissidents, the PRI Party which ruled Mexico for seventy years of corruption, the Shah of Iran and the torture chambers of his Savak secret police, President Mubarak of Egypt who ruled a totally corrupt government for 30 years, President Ceausescu of Romania who was called by his people “the Dracula,” and many, many others.

I am speaking of just plain interference on a large scale in other people’s elections, and very much including elections in advanced countries such as those of Europe.

Young, promising politicians in any country of interest are spotted and given secret “pensions” early in their careers. To turn one down would not be viewed graciously and could easily spark future secret disinformation or other operations against you.

So, it is pretty much an offer you cannot refuse, but anyone taking it is instantly made vulnerable to future exposure much as by the revelation of a record of payments made to a spy in another country.

Favored foreign political parties get money channeled to them through many murky routes, as well as receiving favorable press treatment – all combined with avoiding an implicit threat of poor press treatment or a future manufactured scandal.

By the way, no country in fact more openly interferes with American elections and politics than does Israel, yet never a word is heard in America against, or even about, the fact, there always being great selectivity in any attack America makes against anyone abroad.  Israel interferes through both direct words and acts of its government and through the workings of the Israel Lobby. America’s well-financed and well-organized Israel Lobby acts almost as a kind of intelligence operation inside America aimed against politicians who might in any way question Israel, closely paralleling what the CIA does in other countries.

NGOs, run or at least financed by known CIA collaborators, such as George Soros, routinely play dark political games in many countries, all the while pretending to be doing good works.

Newspapers like the New York Times frequently act as CIA assets with the stories they run or the emphasis they give to stories. They have often hurt people’s reputations through suggestive material planted by the CIA. In other cases, they build up the reputations of undeserving politicians.

The total amount of CIA and CIA assets’ cheap tricks and skullduggery done to the politics of other countries is, I am sure, phenomenal, yet whenever there is even a hint that another country might have done anything similar inside the United States, again except for the case of Israel, we get a storm of righteous indignation from American politicians, bureaucrats, and newspapers who, as if on cue, begin a campaign of nonsense.

Remember the American whining and outrage in 1996 over never-proved accusations that China had played secret games with American political fund-raising? Self-righteous chest-thumping about democracy went on and on, while, meanwhile, the CIA continued its regular and well-funded work of interfering in many democracies.

America is nothing if not the world’s greatest hypocrite.

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