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John Chuckman



Oh, please, the author simply does not understand what he is saying.

The implications of a group of electors not voting with the popular choice in the 21st century are nothing less than immense.

First, the United States would be paralyzed, literally paralyzed, by suits and legal efforts.

The “selected” candidate would not even be able to meaningfully assume office.

Second, there would be something on the streets resembling the anti-war movement in 1969, at the very least.

Something even more serious is not to be ruled out with more than 200,000,000 guns in private hands there.

Certainly, the National Guard would be out on the streets everywhere and there would be shootings.

And, in the longer term, there would be political reprisal, big time.

A powerful Republican was quoted during the Clinton Impeachment that it was party pay-back for the nearly-done Nixon Impeachment.

That is how American politics works. It is visceral.

No sane politician wants to start that whole sequence of events going, even though right now there is all kinds of loose talk, such as Lessig’s, and thoughtless plots.

I am not saying Hillary is sane – in fact, I firmly believe that she is not – but hers is not the prerogative in these matters.

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