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John Chuckman



This is just sick, genuinely sick.

Here is a man in a high position in 2016 talking just as though it were 1958.

Now, he could not do this without a nod from Obama.

So here is an outgoing President castigating his successor in public, throwing rumors and innuendos at him without a shred of evidence, because, of course, if he had any evidence he would produce it, and in dramatic fashion.

Decent people do not do these things.

But a man who is responsible for deaths of several hundred thousand in Syria, Libya, Yemen, and elsewhere is anything but decent.

I do not think most people in the West have yet quite understood what a low-life Obama is.

People like the smile and the baritone voice, but sadly, owing to the constant manipulation of the American press, they are largely ignorant of his mass killing.


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