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John Chuckman



“Will Russia’s act of war against American democracy bring Donald Trump down?”

Will Robert Cornwell’s inability to write a thoughtful article bring him down as an Independent regular?

The answer to the second question apparently is no, because Cornwell just keeps returning with laughable, lamentable stuff, and the editors just keep running it.

Although I must say this latest cow plop sets a new record for poor journalism and lack of insight.

There has been no Russian “act of war” unless you are a believer in the delusional, semi-hysterical Hillary Clinton, a personality so warped that she just cannot admit she lost.

Had there been anything resembling “an act of war,” we would all be well aware of it, and not because of nutty claims and political muttering. We would know it from factual revelations and a real response commensurate with Obama’s piling of thousands of pieces of new military equipment in Eastern Europe owing just to phantom Russian aggression.

No, when Hillary loses, there has to be someone “out there” who caused her loss, because she knows she was ordained by God to be President and required only the formality of a vote by the people to get the promised title.

But Satan Interfered and he was taking the shape, devious creature that he is, of Vladimir Putin.

Hillary knows this as certainly as she knows that the Clinton Foundation is honest and well-run by Chelsea or that decades of rumors of husband Bill being a sexual predator on a scale with the late Jimmy Savile are just part of “the great right-wing conspiracy.”

She knows all this with the same certainty she demonstrated at Benghazi and the sure hand in Libyan affairs that saw tens of thousands of women and their families die in Libya and Syria, those two being related since the operation she was running served to destroy a decent government in Libya while sending weapons and cutthroats to try destroying another decent government in Syria.

Just as she knows to a certainty that she did not steal her party’s nomination from Bernie Sanders through all kinds of dirty tricks and vote rigging, even though you “deplorables” out there may believe otherwise owing to impartial academic analysis. After all, that analysis, too, would be the work of Satan in some form or another.

Hillary cannot grasp that people rejected her, that great numbers of people genuinely dislike her, that she was the worst candidate the Democrats could have run, so there must be another explanation for her loss.

And Obama is singing the same tiresome song with her, although doing so for different reasons. Despite his efforts for her in the election, the Obamas and the Clintons pretty much hate each other. We have many tidbits over the years firmly yielding that conclusion.

But Obama also hates Putin because Putin has made a hash of several of Obama’s “legacy efforts,” as in Syria and in Ukraine, truly embarrassing the inept Obama in all the world’s eyes. And, of course, any notion that Putin and Trump, the man who will drive his heels into everything Obama regards as an achievement, are in cahoots allows Obama the chance to throw a little mud at both. It really doesn’t count how pathetic the mud-throwing effort seems because here is a man whose entire eight years were marked by pathetic efforts.

There is another, far more remote possibility, but this is one which gives more credit to Obama perhaps than his other acts appear to warrant. This is one which at least no known facts rule out, and that is that Obama actually supported the DNC leaks – and I believe they were leaks, not hacks – to secretly get back at the much-hated Clintons, helping to defeat Hillary while seeming to support her and effectively ending their dynasty. It would definitely provide some warm and comforting chuckles during Obama’s retirement years.

Of course, if that were the case, he’d have to do everything to put people off the scent, and this nonsense about Russia, publicly supporting Hillary’s hallucinatory nonsense is perfect. It perhaps would be a small price to pay for massive private satisfaction, and the biggest genuine achievement of his time in office.

After all, the ugly Clintons remain the most powerful actors in the national Democratic party, owing to their big-money connections, and any move against them could be very costly.

Of course, I have to believe that their prominent position in the Democratic Party – and everyone’s implicit understanding of what a terrible mistake it was to run Hillary, plus the public’s insight gained from the Wiki-leak materials about how things were done – may well help secure the party’s continuing decline as a national political force.

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