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John Chuckman



“Ban Ki-moon says UN has ‘disproportionate’ focus on Israel”

 Says the most ineffective United Nations’ Secretary-General in living memory.

Ban Ki-moon has done or said almost nothing meaningful during his entire term. In effectiveness terms, he is on a par with Angela Merkel or Francois Hollande.

There is a simple explanation: he is an American servant, not an independent-minded leader reflecting the opinions of the other 95% of humanity outside the United States.

The UN is supposed to be about peace, first and foremost, and Ban Ki-moon has been as silent as a church mouse about Obama’s destructive, blood-drenched rampage through the Middle East and about his appalling creation and management of a systematic industry for extrajudicial killing by drone.

Hundreds of thousands of innocents have died amidst great destruction and countless injuries.

And all we’ve heard from Ban Ki-moon have been bromides, almost the kind of insipid stuff one expects from the Vatican, that establishment institution of establishment institutions which says nothing of significance, ever.

Well, Ban Ki-moon’s speeches, all of them, might well have been sketched out in Washington for him, considering the lack of perspective, insight, and even truth they contain, to say nothing of the fact they ignore the views of the overwhelming mass of humanity living outside of the United States.

So, it is quite natural that he should speak this way about America’s nasty colony in the Middle East, the colony which occupies illegally and oppresses millions, practices immense discrimination, and kills regularly.

If that isn’t a fit topic of concern for an institution supposedly dedicated to peace, I don’t know what is. And when the leader of such an institution speaks against it, he really speaks against a fundamental purpose of his own office. Without that purpose, he is a useless, smiling blubberer – which, in fact, pretty much sums up what we see in Ban Ki-moon.



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